Tips for cleaning and maintaining your sterilizer

Tips for cleaning and maintaining your sterilizer

Some expert guidance on how to keep your autoclave in top running order.

Regular cleaning and checks are an essential part of keeping any autoclave in good working order, along with some basic operating guidelines to ensure any issues are captured and rectified promptly. This extract from a Service Department bulletin explains the daily and weekly routine that Astell recommends, including inspecting the safety valve, door opening mechanism and seal, temperature probe(s) and water tank condition (if fitted).

Equally important and a regular necessity is to clean the sterilizer chamber and ancillary components to avoid potential soiling, clogged drains and issues with valves and pipework. Only by adhering to the suggested schedule can you be sure your Astell autoclave will perform correctly week in, week out.

Click the link below, take some time to study the information and recommendations, and should you have any questions our Service Department are available to assist you here.