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1939 research laboratory autoclave

Astell Retrospective – 1939 laboratory autoclave

A window in to a research laboratory of the 1930’s when Astell offered more than just steam sterilizers.

Astell Scientific has been a leading autoclave manufacturer for well over a century. It is possible for us to trace a link back to the emergence of autoclaves in the late 19th century, where, as Charles Hearson & Co. we produced items similar to the top loading autoclave shown in the picture below (see image also on About Astell page).

The photograph is taken from a product catalogue produced in 1939 and features the research laboratory of Birmingham Dairy Co. Ltd. in which an autoclave is centrally situated. The purpose of the image is to showcase laboratory furniture and equipment which had been produced and supplied by Hearson to fit out the then contemporary dairy research laboratory. It includes wooden storage cabinets and workbenches which were manufactured in the same Bermondsey factory as the autoclaves we are famed for.

In that period Astell manufactured both gas and electrically powered autoclaves, and a wider range of laboratory apparatus and furniture. Today, we specialise in electrically heated laboratory autoclaves, medical autoclaves and veterinary autoclaves as well as supplying sterilizers to food, drinks and pharmaceuticals industries.

Comparing this image it’s easy to identify how sterilization technology has moved on. It’s reflected in every new autoclave we produce in the form of modern production techniques such as the use of electro polished stainless steel pressure vessels and our unique ‘Swiftlock’ door closure mechanism, and every unit now benefits from the fitment of a digital touchscreen controller and USB interface as standard. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to value, quality and ensuring our customers receive the best advice. For an example, see our 30 year autoclave brewery case study or Contact us to discuss your requirements.