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Astell autoclave fast media cycle

Fast sterilization cycle time key to success for Astell

90 minute media cycle reduced from 3 hours with selected autoclave options.

Astell Scientific, renowned manufacturer of autoclaves and steam sterilizers cites the importance of seeking expert guidance in the quest for reduced cycle times.

In situations where large volumes of un-sterilized items regularly need to be processed in a short period of time, the correct selection of autoclave and options can provide a significant reduction in cycle times – which can translate in to operational cost savings over the lifetime of the machine.

In one such example, Astell recently supplied a 247 litre front loading ‘Swiftlock’ autoclave to a leading UK diagnostics company, fitted with integral steam generator, jacket water-cooling and an internal (in-chamber) fan – options specifically aimed at reducing the time to sterilize large loads of culture media (in this customer’s case 80 x 500ml bottles per cycle).

Typically, cycle time for large loads of bottled fluids in an autoclave without these options is likely to be in excess of 3 hours in duration. However the ASB280 model fitted with integral steam generator, jacket water-cooling and internal (in-chamber) fan options is delivering sterilization cycles of approximately 90 minutes. Considering the size and nature of the load, this is a very quick process time. Importantly, it equates to being able to run 5 or 6 cycles in a working day, instead of maybe only 2 or 3 for an autoclave without these options.

Sales and Marketing Director Dave Thomas commented, “I am delighted we have been able to use our knowledge and experience to provide a tailored product, which is delivering impressive cycle times and potential operational efficiencies to this customer.”

Suitably satisfied with Astell’s advice, the customer also purchased one AMA270 135 litre top loading and three new AMB230 43 litre front loading autoclaves at the same time.

With over 130 years industry experience, Astell Scientific is perfectly positioned to offer the best advice for your next autoclave. Please Contact us for an expert recommendation or quotation.