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Astell Scientific - UK’s leading autoclave manufacturer

Astell Retrospective - Autoclaves then and now. A look back at our autoclave catalogue from 1913.

Astell Scientific can lay claim to being the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturers by virtue of the fact it has been the ‘leader in sterilization’ for over 130 years...

As is demonstrated in the timeline on our ‘About Astell’ page, we have been manufacturing autoclaves and sterilizers since the late 19th century. Below is an extract from a printed catalogue produced in 1913 for Chas Hearson and Co. Ltd, the precursor to Astell Hearson and ultimately Astell Scientific as we are known today. Famous for being an incubator, centrifuge and autoclave manufacturer, a hundred years ago Charles Hearson and Company operated out of a factory located on Willow Walk, Bermondsey in south east London. However their main office was registered at 235 Regent Street, London. Today Astell Scientific manufactures a full range of circular and square section autoclaves at its plant in Sidcup, Kent and can boast distribution to over 100 countries throughout the world.

The featured catalogue extract identifies some of the differences in autoclave manufacture of that early period, referencing riveted and brazed copper boilers with brass fastenings, and steam generators powered by gas, oil, electricity or a direct source. Prices have also certainly moved on a little over the century!

Today, Astell typically utilise electro polished stainless steel pressure vessels with a ‘Swiftlock’ door locking mechanism, offering greater safety and efficiency to the modern laboratory, and the use of gas or oil as a fuel for steam generation is no longer a preferred method. Contemporary Astell autoclaves use electricity and are controlled by a colour touchscreen containing pre-set and editable cycle information, with capacity to store data relating to up to 5000 sterilization cycles.

For more information on the latest range of Astell autoclaves, steam generators and effluent decontamination systems view the Products pages, or Contact us to receive no obligation expert advice with 130 years of credibility and authority.