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Astell Autoclaves 130th Anniversary

Astell Celebrates 130 Year Anniversary in 2014

The expression ‘from little acorns great oaks grow’ is particularly applicable Astell Scientific, who are currently celebrating 130 years of success in the manufacture and supply of laboratory equipment this year.

The Kent based company has seen some significant changes over the years, operating in many different sectors, but in recent times has seen its biggest growth in its core business:  the manufacture of autoclaves and sterilizers.

Sales and Marketing Director Dave Thomas says “Over the last few years we have continued to offer a range of high quality products that meet the requirements of modern laboratories. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of standard autoclaves, with options to suit the vast majority of applications, but where Astell really comes into its own is in the manufacture of custom or ‘bespoke’ equipment. Many customers approach us when considering the purchase of a new autoclave where they have some sort of restriction on their requirement – whether it’s space, budget, a complexity in design, or an unusual application. In the past we offered a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but over the last decade we have become increasingly flexible as a manufacturer, to the point where we are now designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment on a regular basis. The fact that we are listening to our customers, and have the expertise and flexibility to offer the customer precisely what they require, has meant that we are now regarded as the ‘solution provider’ in the autoclave market. As a direct result of this, we have seen a significant increase in business in recent years”.

Astell's 130 years of experience has fuelled their current strong position in the UK market; moreover, Astell autoclaves are now exported worldwide to more than 100 countries; the latest growth market being the USA, where they have recently established their subsidiary, Astell Inc. Astell Scientific regards itself as the “obvious choice” for autoclaves and sterilization equipment, a fact that is also reflected in the significant increase in visitors to the company website, which have nearly tripled over the last three years. Many companies aim to be as flexible as possible with their customer’s needs, but Astell goes a step further, and believes that its unique approach ensures that compromise is unnecessary when choosing an autoclave.

So are you looking for a new autoclave and want to buy one from a company that has 130 years of experience? Then look no further than Astell!