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Autoclave servicing and repairs leaflet

Autoclave Service and Maintenance Contracts

Download our new info-leaflet and get FREE top tips for maintaining your sterilizer.

Astell Scientific manufactures circular and square chamber autoclaves ranging in capacity from 33 litres up to 1400 litres and above. All units are recommended to have regular periodic inspections and preventative maintenance to optimise their performance. Astell can provide service and maintenance support for any of our autoclaves in the form of Service and Maintenance Contracts fulfilled by a team of experienced factory trained engineers.

To promote these services we have created a leaflet to better explain the options available to new and existing Astell customers. As an added bonus, the reverse side contains our ‘Top Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Autoclave’. This lists the daily and weekly checks essential to keeping your sterilizer in good working order. We suggest you print it out and stick it above your autoclave as a reminder to all, or use it as part of laboratory staff equipment training.

For more information on the content of our service literature, to report a fault or book autoclave maintenance, please contact the Astell Service Department. See Contact page for details.