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Customer Testimonials

Diane Williams
Laboratory Team Leader, Arla Foods

"Our busy microbiology lab depends on our Swiftlock autoclave. We’ve had it since 2004 and it’s covered by an annual service contract. The admin. is really easy and customer services are tremendously helpful. I rang the other day to book a service and the engineer was here within a couple of days. Excellent service!"

Garth Barnard
Managing Director, Cantor + Nissel

"In our experience Astell autoclaves are by far the most consistent on the market. They are especially well built and Astell has very well trained engineers to carry out breakdown and service visits. Rapid cycle times are important, but so is flexibility. The latest version of Astell’s software allows us to create our own cycle parameters so that we can run different cycles depending on the products being sterilised."

Ali Marie
PhD student, School of Dentistry - University of Leeds

"Astell have given me a unique benchtop autoclave, one modified specially for my work. It is fully programmable and I can run different timed Hydrothermal Synthesis cycles up to a maximum of 10 hours. It’s small size also means it takes up little space on the benchtop – perfect for our laboratory in St James’s University Hospital."

Steve Guy
M&E Facility Manager, John Innes Centre, Norwich

"Reliability is key for us at John Innes. We have several autoclaves for media sterilisation, and they are all very intensively used. If we lose one, even for just a couple of days, this has a major impact on the research carried out here. Astell are always quick to respond, and it’s usually the same service engineers – which helps as some of our equipment is quite unique, plus we have the additional complication of autoclaves in high security laboratories. Their customer service has always been good so, when an autoclave reaches the end of its life, we generally replace it with an Astell unit. We recently purchased one of their new steam sterilising plants. The project went really well and the result was very good. As with any new installation there are teething problems, Astell were quick to respond and resolve these during the commissioning stages and to provide training for the in-house engineers."

Helen Bradshaw
Technical Manager, University of Salford

"The School of Environment and Life Sciences based at the University of Salford have recently acquired an Astell Swiftlock autoclave to process waste generated from teaching activities. The service and information provided by Astell has been excellent and allowed us to make an informed choice on specific requirements. The technical support was superb with answers provided to our queries at all stages of the procurement process. I would highly recommend Astell to other educational institutes."

Chris Lindley
Laboratory Operations Manager, Yara Analytical Services

"Yara Analytical Services analyses soil, tissue and water samples from all over the world. We use our Astell autoclave to sterilise soil samples prior to disposal to prevent the release of microbes. I talked to other laboratory managers and chose Astell based on their recommendations. The autoclave has performed well over the last year and Astell’s customer service team are friendly and the service technicians have excellent product knowledge and are quite happy to assist with any queries which I may have."

Ian McNaughton,
Maintenance Technician, James Hutton Institute

"We are an international research centre in soil and crop management so we undertake microbiological work. We now have four Astell autoclaves and I’m responsible for maintaining them, although the units are very reliable. We do our own repairs so we need good availability of spares and technical advice. Astell’s customer support is as good as their systems."

Sue Fowler
Research Facilities Manager, CRUK Beatson Institute

"We have been running four large Astell autoclaves in our media and waste processing facility since 2009. Their level of service has been excellent and repairs are always carried out swiftly with minimum downtime."

Samantha Bean
Risk & Quality Manager, Norwich Bioscience Institutes

"The John Innes Centre is Norwich Bioscience Institutes’ centre of excellence for plant science and microbiology. Our research involves plants and microorganisms that originate from outside the UK and it is important that these are not accidentally released into the environment. Having a robust effluent decontamination system is critically important. We invited a number of suppliers to tender for a new system and we were particularly impressed by Astell’s professional approach; they provided lots of information, helped us with planning and generally gave us confidence in their ability to fulfil the contract. Over twelve months down the line we are more than satisfied with the system and the service that we have received."

David Wilkinson
Lab Manager, Mibelle Ltd

"As a leading customer brand personal and home care product manufacturer specialising in just-in-time delivery, our QC lab is critical to performance. Our Astell bench-top autoclave is used mainly for agar sterilisation and boil down. The touch screen is really user friendly and it’s easy to change the settings to suit what we’re doing."