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33 Ltr Benchtop Autoclave

33 litre Ecofill model fitted with Fan Cooling, USB port

Condition - Ex Demo

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The Benchtop range offers a compact self-contained autoclave available in three sizes, which requires no plubming and will operate from a standard single phase power supply.

‘Classic’ and ‘Ecofill’ models are available in each size.

The ‘Ecofill’ version has an integral reservoir. Once filled, this provides water for up to 15 cycles, and also acts as a collection vessel for condensate and the water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle.

The Benchtop Autoclave range features:

  • A fully programmable Touch Screen Colour Controller
  • An Electro Polished Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Base shelf within the chamber
  • Timed Free Steaming
  • Fast action door mechanism
  • An external pressure guage, cooling lock and safety valve test

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ex-demo unit available from stock, therefore some usual product options may not be available.

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Model: UMB220 (33)

  • A fully programmable Colour Touch Screen controller
  • Autofill and Autodrain
  • Base shelf within the chamber
  • Pulsed-heat drying system available when running a non-fluid cycle (not suitable for drying fabrics or porous loads)
  • External Fan Cooling
  • Fast action door closure mechanism
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Self contained design with no installation required - just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used