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Benchtop autoclave
Our range of small capacity sterilizers are available in three sizes and two types, Classic and Ecofill.

Benchtop autoclaves are small capacity sterilizers which, because of their size, can be positioned on a work bench, table top or raised surface. Generally of a front-loading design, in the laboratory they are routinely used for sterilizing culture media, laboratory waste (‘discard’), glassware and other apparatus. Typically benchtop autoclaves (sometimes referred to as tabletop autoclaves) are used in microbiology laboratories in many sectors, including the food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, universities and research establishments. Because of their flexibility, small size autoclaves also have a clinical application and are therefore often used in medical surgeries, dentists, and veterinary practices.

Astell Benchtop units are available in three sizes, 33 litres, 43 litres and 63 litres, and are totally self-contained which means they require no plumbing and only a standard single phase power supply in order to function. Water must be manually added, either to the chamber or integral ‘Ecofill’ autofill reservoir as applicable, and condensate can be collected or recirculated depending on the model.

Classic vs. Ecofill
Astell offers two types of Benchtop autoclave, Classic and Ecofill. The advantage of the Ecofill version is that it contains an integral water reservoir which can facilitate up to 15 cycles, as condensate and water is collected and returned to the reservoir at the end of each cycle. Classic models are unable to recycle water and so the chamber must be re-filled before commencing each sterilization cycle.

At Astell we pride ourselves on providing high-quality UK manufactured Benchtop autoclaves with 316L steel pressure vessels and specially designed control systems to provide both the flexibility and precision that are required in today’s laboratories and sterilization facilities. Every Astell Benchtop autoclave boasts a host of stand-out features as standard including:

  • Electropolished stainless steel pressure chamber – each manufactured to PED or ASME U standards and carrying numerous approvals for many other countries.
  • Fast action door locking mechanism – open and close the door with one simple, swift handle movement.
  • 5.7-inch colour touchscreen controller with integrated USB data port – edit, store and manage cycle data, user permissions and machine settings on the easy to use interface.
  • 5 level password security to prevent unauthorised changes in sterilization parameters
  • Data archiving for up to 5000 cycles

Our current products benefit from over 130 years of experience in manufacturing autoclaves and steam sterilizers and are built to accredited standards to ensure quality and consistency. For more information on Benchtop autoclaves or the rest of our range, please Contact us or one of our approved dealers.