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Laboratory autoclaves
If you undertake laboratory research then we are sure to have an autoclave for you…

Astell Scientific is known globally as a leading manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilizers. One market sector we are particularly successful in supplying is that of laboratory autoclaves. These can also sometimes be referred to as ‘research grade’ autoclaves due to their suitability for performing the regular tasks typical of research and development testing. These procedures can include sterilizing glassware, instruments, discard (laboratory waste) or preparing media for microbiological testing, for example.

It is not unusual for Astell to supply Research Autoclaves to a diverse range of industries that operate laboratories and controlled environments – typically universities, research institutes, and organisations operating in medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary, food and chemical industries.

To service these diverse markets, Astell offers a wide range of autoclave sizes, split across two types of pressure chamber – circular and square in shape. Circular units are available in sizes of 33 litres up to 344 litres, in both front and top loading styles; and square section autoclaves are manufactured in sizes of 125 litres to 1400 litres and above, as front loading units. Astell pressure vessels are manufactured to PED, ASME U standards and carry numerous approvals for many other countries. For help on which shape and size of research autoclave to choose refer to our series of articles entitled ‘Key questions when buying an autoclave’.

When selecting a research-grade autoclave it’s important to remember it can be specified with a number of features or options to enable it to be configured to achieve fast cooling, efficient drying, and effective sterilization. For help to tailor a machine’s specification to your laboratory or industry please contact us for no-obligation advice.

Every autoclave unit we produce is fitted with Astell’s advanced touchscreen controller, which provides simple cycle selection, setting adjustment, security protection and an archive capable of storing data of up to 5,000 sterilization cycles. In addition, a USB interface is now fitted as standard, enabling parameters and data to be downloaded and stored to a memory stick.

For more information on research autoclaves or assistance in identifying the right sterilizer for your needs please Contact us here.