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Front Loading Autoclaves from Astell

The Astell Front Loading Autoclave Range

The Swiftlockrange has increased chamber sizes compared to the Top Loading range and features advanced options not available on the smaller autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators and Simple/Advanced Vacuum Options.

The versatility of the options able to be applied means that the autoclaves can be manufactured to the customers' specific requirements. As standard, the autoclave is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and can be used for sterilizing liquids (media), discard, glassware and other instruments.

The Swiftlock Autoclave range features:

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Model No. Steam Source* Volume
Power Supply Chamber dia x depth mm Overall Dims wxhxd
ASB260BT Heaters in Chamber 120 Single or 3 Phase, 7/10kW 450 x 635 685 x 1490 x 1100
ASB270BT Heaters in Chamber 153 Single or 3 Phase, 7/10kW 450 x 865 685 x 1490 x 1310
ASB280BT Heaters in Chamber 247 3 Phase, N&E, 12kw 600 x 735 900 x 1575 x 1370
ASB290BT Heaters in Chamber 290 3 Phase, N&E, 16kw 600 x 885 900 x 1575 x 1370
ASB300BT Heaters in Chamber 344 3 Phase, N&E, 16kw 600 x 1085 900 x 1575 x 1570

*Direct Steam models available at no extra cost

Options available for this Autoclave

Steam Generation Options
Vacuum Options
Jacket Options
Astell Scientific Printer
Load Sensed Process Timing
Air Ballast Option
Assisted Cooling Option
Advanced Water Cooling
Autofill Option
Autodrain Option
Deluge Water Cooling
Convectional Fan Cooling
Astell Morrison Discard Container
AAW002 Water Softener
Swiflock Shelf Options
Exhaust Heat Exchange Option
Category 3 Option
Compressor Option
Blowdown Vessel