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If you want the lowdown on laboratory steam sterilizers you need to read our Guide to Autoclaves.

Asking questions like ‘How does an autoclave work?’ or ‘What does an autoclave do?’ – look no further. Our 32 page booklet will provide the answers, whilst also going on to explain more about autoclave cycles, options and features to help you choose the right machine.

Want a greater technical understanding? The guide includes detailed explanation of steam sources, vacuum types and cooling methods, and contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions to build on basic knowledge.

How do I choose an autoclave?

It’s simple. The most important place to start is to understand what you wish to sterilize, how often, and whether it needs to be dry at the end of the cycle. From here it’s possible to identify the size of sterilizer chamber and whether a top or front opening door is suitable. Finally, there’s usually a selection of options to consider which assist with process speeds and drying. The Astell Guide to Autoclaves will help you understand why these are important questions and guide your final choices.

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Why not also view and download our Product Catalogue to see more of the many different shapes and sizes of autoclave Astell can offer, whilst also remembering we specialise in custom-built units and installations. Please contact us with any questions or to ask for our friendly no-obligation advice.